Turney Center Penitentiary Record of Hambone Willie Nevil # 66185

ALIASES: Cedric Sanford Scott, Minister of Mojo, Justice of Ju-Ju

BORN: Grinder’s Switch, Tenn.

MODUS OPERANDI: Medicine Show Hustler, Root Doctor, Saw Bender

CRIMINAL HISTORY: Arrested at Bucksnort, Tenn. for running mountebank operation selling grain alcohol in medicine jars from a Ford truck whilst engaged in vaudeville routines with jugglers, “flapper” women, and musicians of questionable repute in flagrant violation of the Volstead Act. Case Dismissed. Believed to have ties to recent series of Jamaica Ginger-fueled barn dances involving secular jug music in violation of local blue laws enforced by the Sinnerville Church, William “Torquemada” Sunday, Pastor and Chief Minister.

New Jersey State Penitentiary Record of Jersey Slim Hawkins # 1729

ALIASES: Alfonso Bonino, Boom Boom Bacardi

BORN: Bayonne, N.J.

MODUS OPERANDI: Safe Cracker, Bicycle Mechanic, Conservatory Dropout

CRIMINAL HISTORY: Conspiracy to commit cat burglary (Siamese) and 2 Counts of Impersonating a Mime. Arrested at Nashville, Tenn. for Reckless Endangerment, playing incomprehensible tunes on bagpipes of unknown origin, whereupon three men and two women, along with several stray dogs, began dancing in the street, disturbing commerce, causing a nuisance, and becoming a danger to themselves and others. No Disposition. Arrested at Bayonne, N.J. on the corner of 33rd and Third, attempting to extort donations from pedestrians whilst posing as clairvoyant interpreter of smoke signals.

Sevier Co. Correctional Facility for Crimes of Fashion Record of Horatio Algernon Whiplash # 19261

ALIASES: Millard Fillmore Strunk, “Dead-Eye” Sam Muldoon

BORN: Strawberry Plains, Tenn.

MODUS OPERANDI: Door-to-Door Pet Hypnotist, Baseball Mafioso, Spoon Bender

CRIMINAL HISTORY: Thievery of South Carolina Gov. Ibra Blackwood’s official sedan whilst he was taking his oath during 1931 inaugural. Also known to have ties to Lester Gann’s moonshine operation near Clinch Mtn. Arrested at Sevierville, Tenn. For selling “True Believers Miracle (non-alcoholic) Sacramental Grape Juice” to Baptist congregations through the mid-South--a concoction alleged to “magically transform into wine” through the power of faith the moment the cork is removed. Transubstantiation unconfirmed, though still in violation of federal law.

Chassahowitzka Prison for Unrepentant Divas Record of Lela Mae Smith # 52847

ALIASES: Lesa Lawless, Sister “Bessie” Rainey, Hattie “Tallahassee Tight” Spivey

BORN: Weeki Wachee Springs, Fla.

MODUS OPERANDI: Serial Seducer of the Wantonly Wealthy, Speakeasy Sommelier, Gin Dive Diva

CRIMINAL HISTORY: Reputation as itinerant seductress who lures wealthy men to the altar after brief romance involving mellifluous singing, batting of eyes, a cooing of endearments, a flurry of hand fans, and the inevitable transference of cash and stock options, whereupon she takes the green and leaves the blues. Arrested at Bing-Shee, Fla. for slaying hearts without a license. Awaiting Trial. Prisoner is wanted in ten states, desired in nineteen others.

Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary Record of Junior Socrates Cottenberry # # 50644

ALIASES: Bernhardt Zauberwürfel, Kitkat McGrey

BORN: Wartburg, Tenn.

MODUS OPERANDI: Sideshow Streaker, Squirrel Juggler, Chicken Thief

CRIMINAL HISTORY: Known street hustler employing illegal gambling techniques including three card monte, flash dice, shell disappearances, Rubik's cube and syllogistic feats of Aristotelian logic. Considered armed with accordion and musically dangerous. Arrested at Knoxville, Tenn. for female impersonation of bearded lady with intent to defraud carnival patrons, smuggling wormwood-based Absinthe from Bohemian countries packed in antique valve trombones bells with intent to distribute, and operating a hurdy-gurdy whilst singing in the Kaiser’s native tongue on the Lord’s Day. Awaiting Trial. Warning: Prisoner is wily and has already slipped from handcuffs in custody seven times, and escaped jail three times.

Lem Motlow Correctional Institution Record of Ramshackle Jack Dunshee # 347404

ALIASES: Sammy "Shakes" Baker, The Amazing Gräfenberg, Holy Mystic of the Sebaceous Arts

BORN: Hoodoo, Tenn.

MODUS OPERANDI: Duck Wrangler, Professional Research Subject, Prof. of Aphrodesiac Juxtapostions at the Tristan Tsara School of Applied Dadaism.

Arrested at Parrish, Tenn. for Impersonating a Freemason with inglorious intent, speaking French on a Sunday, and attempting to con a linguist. No Disposition. Displays malicious intent towards municipal authority by working crowds into Angry Mobs via twisting their presumptions of Western dogma. Subject henceforth marked as persona non grata on all levels of official and polite society. Suspected of Mopery with Intent to Creep. Mitigating circumstance: he makes amazingly good popped corn.

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