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Up to No Good

by Jake Leg Stompers

This is the music your great-grandparents warned you about.

Genre: Blues: Acoustic Blues

Release Date: 2013

The National Board for Musical Decency, in conjunction with Mothers Against Immoral Jugband Music, sternly warn the public that "Up to No Good," the fourth album by Tennessee-based string band The Jake Leg Stompers, contains songs depicting scenes of wantonness, debauchery, drunkenness and other activities of a suspect moral nature sung in double entendre style and performed with reckless abandon on instruments such as trombone, violin, guitar, ukulele, harmonica, washboard, banjo, bones, tuba, accordion, upright bass, pump organ and saw in such a manner as to induce such a rise in the body humours that sinful activity is all but inevitable in the listener.

The National Board for Musical Decency has endeavored since the dawn of the Jazz Age to suppress this decadent music performed by string bands on street corners and speakeasies, only to have the Jake Leg Stompers lead a revival of this forbidden music into the 21st Century.

With the addition of their latest member, blues diva Lela Mae Smith, the Stompers have expanded their standard repertoire extolling the pleasures of illegal hooch and idol laziness into the realms of lasciviousness and advocacy of consensual adult pleasures between the sexes. The N.B.M.D. finds this quite unacceptable.

While the Jake Leg Stompers claim to have included several songs of a quasi-religious nature on this album from the realms of acceptable folk tradition, we feel that is hardly adequate in mollifying the effects of other musical selections that would cause blushing in the elderly.

In researching the various backgrounds of the Jake Leg Stompers, the N.B.M.D. has made some shocking discoveries, which we share with you below. Please consider the following official "rap sheets" of these "musicians" before allowing this rambunctious and musically intoxicating music into your homes.


Herbert Octavius Bentbrow
National Board for Musical Decency

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