Hill Country HooDoo

by Jake Leg Stompers

JugBand music meets Mississippi Hill Country Blues. With Luther Dickinson (North MS All Stars, Black Crowes), Jimbo Mathus (Squirrel Nut Zippers), Rev. John Wilkins (son of Robert Wilkins) and the Rising Star Fife and Drum band. 24 page color booklet.

Genre: Blues: Prewar Blues

Release Date: 2010

Album Notes:
In northern Mississippi, just beyond the Delta's edge, there is hoodoo in the hills, and the musics that thrive there have roots so deep their tendrils touch the shores of western Africa. These are living blues; hypnotic rhythms that wind themselves into möbius strips of irresistible and perpetual motion. In the hill country, the dancing always goes till down.

Hoping to share in the vast riches of this flourishing soundscape, the Jake Leg Stomeprs left their beloved Bucksnort, Tennessee, and made their way to Como, Mississippi, home of Jimbo Mathus' Delta Recording Service. There in the heart of the hill country, the Stompers sought to braid their chicken-fried, hokum-billy blues together with the haunting sounds of some of the area's most outstanding musical artists. Hill Country Hoodoo tells the tale of their search.

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